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Exchange Activities

Exchange Activities – 2015

For this year we are planning 5 master students exchange. Four of them South-North and one of them South-South. The South-North exchanges will be from UFPE, PUC and UNAM to TUBS, and the South-South exchange will be UNAM-UFPE. In the first phase of the Exceed Project these exchanges proved to be very important in capacity building. We hope to continue in the second phase of Exceed-Swindon to achieve the same results or even improve them.

Student Exchange and Research Stay during Exceed first phase in Latin America (2010-2014)

At the beginning of the project the student exchange activity was developed mainly between TUBS and Latin America, i.e., North-South (N-S) and South-North (S-N) reciprocal exchanges. It was a balanced exchange between LA and TUBS. Throughout the project S-S exchanges prevailed, not only in LA itself but also with other regions. At the end an even balance was achieved with 55% of exchanges S-S (25 students or researchers) and 45% of exchanges N-S or S-N (20 students or researchers).