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Expert Workshop / 4-6 Nov 2020 / Fortaleza, Brazil


1. We are urgently requesting you to meet the given deadline. For organizational reasons, late applications cannot be considered.

2. If the applicant intends to travel with family members, friends or other persons who have no relation to EXCEED, please be aware that we will not take care of any arrangements (accommodation, flight) for these persons. It has to be done by the applicant himself. We will take care of the applicant only.

3. Once the flight ticket is issued (according to the applicant’s confirmation of the previous offer), NO changes of the flight will be accepted (exceptions: act of nature, illness (proven by medical certificate), death of close relatives (proven by certificate) or official reason’s (proven by letter of employer)).

4. We can only accept applicants who are working at a university (research staff, postdoc, PhD), at governmental / public agencies or research institutions. Those who are employed at private research institutions or companies are not eligible.


Privacy policy: We only store the data required for this specific purpose (application), and only for as long as it is needed. We do not disclose any of this data to other parties than members of this project.

Please download the following file “TaC”, sign the document and send it with your registration:

TaC Terms and Conditions

All fields have to be filled out / all files have to be attached. Maximum file size is 4MB.

Measure : Expert Workshop - Fortaleza / Nov 2020
Home University
Academic Degree
Gender : f m 
Family Name
First Name
Date of Birth (DD.MM.YYYY)
Home Country
Host University
Univ. of Ceara
Host Country
Host Professor/Organiser for exceed-Swindon
Elvis Carissimi, Lourdinha Florencio
Visa needed? : Yes No 
Valid Credit Card? : Yes No 
Travel Health Insurance? (If not, take care by own responsibility) : Yes No 
Mobile Phone
Nearest Airport to your Domicile :
Passport Copy

.docx, .jp(e)g or .pdf | max. 4MB
Select whether you would like to take over the function as moderator or minute taker in a working group : Moderator Minute Taker 
Extended Abstract for oral presentation or Short Summary of what you want to contribute to one of the working groups (see concept note)

.docx, .pdf | max. 4MB
Please make sure the document is named as follows: FAMILYNAME_givenname_abstract (e.g.: SMITH_John_abstract.pdf)

.docx, .jp(e)g or .pdf | max. 4MB

I accept that my sent in files are stored on the EXCEED-SWINDON webpage's member area to be viewed online by the deciding members of the Management Board and to be used by DAAD for statistical purposes.

I accept that a sufficient health insurance and necessary vaccinations are my own responsibility.

I accept that a cancellation or changes to standard participation (such as a shorter/longer stay, failures in visa/transit visa application, own fault of missed connecting flights, unfounded private or professional reasons), cause additional costs which are not covered by the SWINDON/exceed project and that your home university will be charged with those.